Posted on by Emily Feng

Choosing the perfect dress for your special day can be overwhelming. With endless styles of dresses from different types of stores, it’s hard to know where to begin. 

We hope this guide will leave you feeling more informed about dress styles, fits and options so you can hit the ground running and feel confident while dress shopping. After all, this is probably the most important gown you’ll ever buy.

How Do I Choose a Wedding Dress?

To start, find images of dresses you like online and in magazines. Pick out a few common themes of those dresses. Is there a lot of embellishment or mainly plain, chic fabric? Curve-hugging silhouettes or grand ball gowns? Once you pick out a few aspects that you gravitate towards, you’ll be ready to start shopping for your very own gown. 

Types of Wedding Dress Styles

A wedding dress style is a direct reflection of the bride’s personality and the tone of the wedding. While you might find the lacey boho dress of your dreams, if your venue is more traditional, you might want to choose a dress that fits that location and save the boho style for your honeymoon. Perhaps an embroidered V-neck gown with a full skirt would be a great compromise between the sexy boho dress you have your eye on and your more conservative venue. 

Whichever style you choose, it’s important to be you and capture your personal taste while still fitting the ambiance of the day. Well, let's check the 2020 wedding dresses at Starlish.